Monday, August 1, 2016

Expensive Shoes Save You Money - The Cobbler


I needed to update my post about expensive shoes, my great expensive shoes were getting a bit run down after 4 years and rather than just buying new shoes, I found a local cobbler.  For those that are on the younger side, a cobbler is the fellow who runs a shoe shop that fixes shoes.

The soles were worn down and the leather portion of the shoes were looking thin. I dropped off the shoes to have them resoled for a mere $50 something.

WOW, the shoes are now like new again! I will get a few more years out of them and save even more money!!

Lesson is: Find a Cobbler.

A man's shoes say a lot about the man.

At fashionconcepts.com we do not sell shoes but I think the subject had to be addressed, men's shoes are the one piece of a man's wardrobe that can make or break a look and if your feet hurt from bad shoes a man looks angry.  Of coarse you would look angry, your feet hurt and that sucks.

Most men have the basic two pairs of shoes, one black, one brown. I was that man until recently.  I now own about five pairs of shoes and learned a very hard lesson, price does matter.

For years I have worn black shoes to work, buying "nice" shoes, spending about $100 to $200 that would last for me about a year.  I really thought this was the most economical way to have nice shoes that would last. I was wrong.

What happened to me was pure luck. I was in a thrift store in Palm Beach, FL (yes, there are thrift stores on Palm Beach) and happened across a brand new pair of Brooks Brother black shoes in my size for a ridiculously low price. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Because I already had a pair of black shoes that were not yet a year old, I did not buy them.

That night I went online to try to find the shoes and learned they were very expensive so decided to go back to the thrift store to buy them, if they were still there.

There many great high quality brands and I in no way want to single anyone out, but, these shoes are fantastic. Since then I have bought other brands, the key is to find a shoe that you like and fits well.

Here is the point, the shoes I found retail for a lot more than $200 but have lasted me 4 years and still look like new! The quick math makes it clear.  If I had continued buying $200 shoes once a year for 4 years, I would have spent $800. If I spend $500-$700 on shoes that will last over 4 years I save money.

Men's shoes can seem to be very expensive.  I learned that quality shoes will save me a fortune over time and I will have to shop for new shoes less often, a win-win.

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