Friday, January 15, 2016

Clean Out Your Wardrobe - Fix your closet

Look in your closet, it's likely that half of what is in there should just be thrown out. Here is a little list of what can thrown out immediately and a neat trick to edit the rest.

First and foremost, every man has things in his closet that simply should not wear, they make you look like an adult who never grew up or just plain bad. There will be a couple of things you can keep as a memento, but do not wear them.

Cargo Shorts or Pants
I always thought cargo shorts looked terrible, no one carries enough stuff to fill all the pockets and if you do then you carrying too much stuff. You may like wearing them but if you are not camping then don't wear them.

Unless you are a solder or actually go hunting don't wear camouflage. I never owned anything camouflage, or maybe I did and just can't find it because it's so well camouflaged.

Graphic tees
They are not "cool" or "funny", they are just cheap.  You are an adult, stop it.
You can keep a few concert shirts or a tee from an event, but, if you wear them you will look like a teenager and if you have few gray hairs, please just don't.

The one exception in my opinion are vintage tees, REAL vintage graphic tee shirts, not the "made to look vintage" junk. If you are the type of guy who can pull off the look without looking silly, then OK, but check with people you know. Ask a few folks that like you and at least one who does not really like you how it looks.

Hemp Jewelry or Hemp Anything
Are you a hippy or a child? No, then don't wear hemp. A hemp bracelet or necklace instantly cheapens anything you have on.

I don't remember where I got this great trick to clean out stuff you don't wear and would like to give credit to whomever came up with the idea because it works. Once you have thrown out the obvious garbage from your closet, do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on new hangers.  When you put everything back into the closet have the hangers hook BACKWARDS.

Yes, backwards.  Then every time you wear something put it back with the hook the right way.  In a few months any hanger that is still backwards contains something you could probably get rid of.

Now with all the extra space in you closet go over to fashionconcepts.com and do some shopping.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Valentine Gifts for Men

Can we all agree that Valentine's Day is traditionally for women?
Women can get a Valentine's gift for their man and get the benefits of him looking good with great clothing. Our line of men's clothing at fashionconcepts.com is perfect and unlike most of the Valentine gifts given to men this year, the men will actually use the gift of clothing.

Lets face it, men will rarely ask for clothing as a gift, more often they ask for "nothing" and expect a tie or a mug and a card. When you consider that men tend to give women jewelry, flowers, a card and dinner out at a minimum, I wonder how "equal" women really are in the expression of love for their partner on Valentine's day.

There are some other great gifts for men on Valentine's Day, tickets to an event, electronics, cigars, or a premium bottle of something, but those tend to be for him only and Valentine's day should be more about the relationship and appreciating each other.

My solution to this obvious disparity is for women to give their partner a better gift, but not just a better gift, but a gift that she will appreciate, a well dressed man. Let's face it, men appreciate great clothing but shopping tends to be a chore.  Save him time and frustration and have a better looking man by shopping for his Valentine's gift at fashionconcepts,com