Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Online Retailers - Husbands and Wives

I am a last minute shopper, I am a man, it is what we do.

Last night I went online to find some gifts and was astonished at the crap that came up when I did a simple search for "gifts for wife".  I saw all sorts of wife and husband gift suggestions and determined that retailers think some fairly specific things about married people. Here are the top items I found for each.

Husband -
Grill tools - do men really grill that much?
Beer stuff - it's beer, nuff said
Pocket knife - Gibbs Rule 9: "Never go anywhere without a knife."
Multitools - I have gotten many of them, they have all ended up belonging to the TSA within a year.
Cheesy Dad stuff - I am not a Dad, but there seems to be a lot of useless things with "Dad" printed on them
Fresh Fruit & Snacks Baskets - and no "good" snacks, I think this is a hint about eating habits.
Grooming kits - I think this a hint about grooming habits needing improvement.
Flask - If you carry a flask people will wonder if you have a drinking problem.
Toys - We are little boys, great gift.

Wife -
Wine - seems the wives drink a lot of wine.
Wine Glasses - gotta drink the wine from something, straight out of the bottle is not lady like.
Wine tools - Yep, wives drink a lot of wine.
Chocolate - I guess chocolate goes well with wine.
Jewelry - I understand this one.
Gardening stuff - the garden is nice place to sip wine.
Kitchen stuff - Well, that is where the wine is kept.
Pillows - Lots of pillows, pillows with stuff written on them, pillows with pictures, pillows, pillows, pillows everywhere. (it may have something to do with all the wine)
Coffee Mugs - For those slow mornings after a night of wine.
Smelly stuff - Candles, lotions and potions, diffusers, air fresheners, is the world really that stinky?

Friday, December 11, 2015

Men's Jeans - Choose them wisely

For most guys a single article of clothing that is worn most is our precious pair of jeans. Or pairs. Choose them wisely. At fashionconcepts.com we carry one, and only one, brand of jeans, Macello Sport jeans. There are many great brands out there and finding what is right for you is more import than the label. The reason we only carry Marcello Sport jeans is that they are designed for men with a bit of maturity. The jeans are lightweight and soft denim with a little stretch. They are Gentlemen's cut, slightly larger waist, slimmer through the tush and leg.

A man wears his jeans through just about everything—from Super Bowl wins (or losses) and first dates to casual Fridays or hanging with his buddies. A good pair of jeans is the default pant to put on. Choosing your pair of jeans has become complicated by the fashion industry trying to reinvent something that did not need to be changed.

We have seen all the awful incarnations of jeans in the past few decades, acid wash, "distressed" with holes in them, giant oversize droopy drawers, and now the worst, "skinny jeans". There is no need to try the trendy jeans unless you really want that particular look but for classic jeans it is important to have jeans that fit.

A couple things you want to ensure with jeans:

a. They don’t fit perfectly lengthwise, you want a bit of length at the bottom of the jean, especially if you’re a boots-wearer. Never ever get jeans that too short, ever.

b. Snug but not skinny, jeans are going to stretch as you wear them. Skinny jeans are for hipsters, do you really want to be a hipster?

c. Buy jeans that you like and want to wear, nothing else really matters.

Everyone makes mistakes, I have one pair of jeans purchased years ago that just don't fit right, they are some cut or style that just did not work for me and they have been relegated to only being worn when I paint because if I ruin them I will not care.

Buying a well fitting pair of jeans becomes even harder if you have achieved your consistent weight and size, because jeans just aren’t made for guys with the build of a man with a more mature build and they’re also not made with the same quality they once were. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clothing is Communicating - Be careful what you Say

We all make assumptions about people the instant we see them. I know it is not PC to say that we do with all the outrage at "profiling" we are all supposed to never judge anyone by the way the they look, but we all do. From body language, subliminal signs such as crossed arms, dilated pupils, and fake smiles to the type of clothing a person wears, we are all communicating something about ourselves.

People often use clothing to signify their age, gender, political views, and economic class. Before you even hear them speak or know anything about them, you probably make certain assumptions about a person based on their clothing. Often, we expect certain people to dress a certain way before we learn anything about their credentials.

Look at the our selection of Marcello Sport shirts at fashionconcepts.com, they communicate a very different message than our Loud Mouth Golf selections. The golf course is a very different venue than the office or an event, what your clothing communicates matters.

Uniforms are the most overt form of clothing communication. We accept that a person dressed in a uniform is exactly what their clothes are telling us they are. Everyone has had the uncomfortable experience of "accidentally" wearing clothes that are similar to the uniform of people working at business. A white shirt with black pants can make you be mistaken for a waiter or wearing red shirt at a Target can cause people to assume you work there.

Police, the military, private clubs, schools, teams and fans of teams all use clothing to communicate. If you went to your doctor’s office and he or she was dressed in a dirty lab coat, or worse, cut off jeans and tee shirt, you might immediately think about switching doctors. We assign certain expectations to certain occupations. While you expect your doctor or lawyer to be cleanly and neatly dressed, if you saw a construction worker or painter who had on clean clothing, you might tend to think they do not work very hard because we expect them to be dirty since it is a dirty occupation

Remember when dressing that clothing may be the first impression of you that someone gets, whether it is accurate or not, and you can never get a second first impression.

If you have ever gone on a job interview, you have probably put time and thought into what you wore. Most people try to pick out one of their nicest outfits to wear, so they make a good first impression before the employer ever asks them any questions. First impressions are very important and clothing is one of the biggest factors in first impressions.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Spending more on Men's Shoes is worth the cost

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A man's shoes say a lot about the man.

At fashionconcepts.com we do not sell shoes but I think the subject had to be addressed, men's shoes are the one piece of a man's wardrobe that can make or break a look and if your feet hurt from bad shoes a man looks angry.  Of coarse you would look angry, your feet hurt and that sucks.

Most men have the basic two pairs of shoes, one black, one brown. I was that man until recently.  I now own about five pairs of shoes and learned a very hard lesson, price does matter.

For years I have worn black shoes to work, buying "nice" shoes, spending about $100 to $200 that would last for me about a year.  I really thought this was the most economical way to have nice shoes that would last. I was wrong.

What happened to me was pure luck. I was in a thrift store in Palm Beach, FL (yes, there are thrift stores on Palm Beach) and happened across a brand new pair of Brooks Brother black shoes in my size for a ridiculously low price. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Because I already had a pair of black shoes that were not yet a year old, I did not buy them.

That night I went online to try to find the shoes and learned they were very expensive so decided to go back to the thrift store to buy them, if they were still there.

There many great high quality brands and I in no way want to single anyone out, but, these shoes are fantastic. Since then I have bought other brands, the key is to find a shoe that you like and fits well.

Here is the point, the shoes I found retail for a lot more than $200 but have lasted me 4 years and still look like new! The quick math makes it clear.  If I had continued buying $200 shoes once a year for 4 years, I would have spent $800. If I spend $500-$700 on shoes that will last over 4 years I save money.

Men's shoes can seem to be very expensive.  I learned that quality shoes will save me a fortune over time and I will have to shop for new shoes less often, a win-win.

Great Blog Post About Marcello Sport

We love when people write about our products! There is a great article krisandaco.com about our Marcello Sports line of men's clothing.

The article talks about boosting you confidence by wearing the right clothing and specifically refers to the boost in confidence Marcello Sports clothing can give.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Buying a shirt that actually fits

Over my life I have worn many shirts that just do not fit correctly, every man has. If a shirt is too tight it feels constrictive, too loose and it feels like a parka. Most shirts are not designed for regular men, that is why men tend to wear shirts that are too big in order to be comfortable.  I still have many "too big" shirts, which are for lounging around or "beach" shirts that I will not give up, they are comfortable and look fine but are not what I put on when going out or working, ever.

On our site fashionconcepts.com  we have a very useful graphic (above) that gives the actual measurements of our shirts for our customers to figure out the real size they should purchase. Our shirts are made to allow for the real shape of men, when the right size is chosen the shirts do not bind or come un-tucked the moment you move your arms.

When a shirt fits correctly a man is comfortable and not self conscious.  I am on the thin side and found that the shirts in most department stores were always gigantic or skin tight. It was like being kid having only two choices of shirts, those that you have out grown and hand me downs that were too big.

Weather you are thin like me or have a bit of a belly, a well fitted shirt can make a huge difference.  There is no reason to dress like a hip hop artist in giant XXXXXXL sports shirt that looks like a dress in order to be comfortable.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Trying out connecting a blog to our retail site, this is just a first experimental post.  If you happen to find this page, congratulations! I will be adding content that will be useful for men interested in dressing well, like real men who mean business.

There are currently many fashion blogs that cater to young men and the bar and club crowds, that is not what this is going to be about. There will be no silly "skinny jeans" and other heroin chic type clothing or advice.  Real men who work for a living and live real lives can look good also, but no one in the fashion world seems to pay any attention to the people who actually earn the money that pays for most of their sales.

We are not buff, muscle bound or skinny metro-sexual asexual mannequins, we are real men who want to look good with style and class.  If you are looking for that sort of information there are millions of other places you can go and play dress up.