Monday, August 1, 2016

Expensive Shoes Save You Money - The Cobbler


I needed to update my post about expensive shoes, my great expensive shoes were getting a bit run down after 4 years and rather than just buying new shoes, I found a local cobbler.  For those that are on the younger side, a cobbler is the fellow who runs a shoe shop that fixes shoes.

The soles were worn down and the leather portion of the shoes were looking thin. I dropped off the shoes to have them resoled for a mere $50 something.

WOW, the shoes are now like new again! I will get a few more years out of them and save even more money!!

Lesson is: Find a Cobbler.

A man's shoes say a lot about the man.

At fashionconcepts.com we do not sell shoes but I think the subject had to be addressed, men's shoes are the one piece of a man's wardrobe that can make or break a look and if your feet hurt from bad shoes a man looks angry.  Of coarse you would look angry, your feet hurt and that sucks.

Most men have the basic two pairs of shoes, one black, one brown. I was that man until recently.  I now own about five pairs of shoes and learned a very hard lesson, price does matter.

For years I have worn black shoes to work, buying "nice" shoes, spending about $100 to $200 that would last for me about a year.  I really thought this was the most economical way to have nice shoes that would last. I was wrong.

What happened to me was pure luck. I was in a thrift store in Palm Beach, FL (yes, there are thrift stores on Palm Beach) and happened across a brand new pair of Brooks Brother black shoes in my size for a ridiculously low price. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Because I already had a pair of black shoes that were not yet a year old, I did not buy them.

That night I went online to try to find the shoes and learned they were very expensive so decided to go back to the thrift store to buy them, if they were still there.

There many great high quality brands and I in no way want to single anyone out, but, these shoes are fantastic. Since then I have bought other brands, the key is to find a shoe that you like and fits well.

Here is the point, the shoes I found retail for a lot more than $200 but have lasted me 4 years and still look like new! The quick math makes it clear.  If I had continued buying $200 shoes once a year for 4 years, I would have spent $800. If I spend $500-$700 on shoes that will last over 4 years I save money.

Men's shoes can seem to be very expensive.  I learned that quality shoes will save me a fortune over time and I will have to shop for new shoes less often, a win-win.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Be better dressed this summer with Marcello Sport

Every Spring as I transition to wearing summer clothes, my spouse inevitably says "Are you really going to wear that again?" and I think of course I am, then I look a little closer and realize some of my favorite summer items did not survive last summer very well.

There are more options for men today than the basic tee shirts and polo shirts. I strongly suggest all men think seriously about linen.

Linen - Embrace the wrinkles

The one downfall of linen and the reason most people shy away from it is because of its likeliness to wrinkle. When is hot out, wrinkles are your best friend. When your clothes wrinkle it creates little pockets of air so less fabric is directly touching your skin. Less fabric on your skin means less heat your body has to deal with. Linen is basically old school air conditioning.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marcello Sport Stores

FashionConcepts.com is your source for Marcello Sport men's fashions, men fortunate enough to live in south Florida have the option of going to one of our brick and mortar stores in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Saint Armands and Stuart Florida. The above picture is the front of our Boca Raton Store, let's look inside.

Marcello Sport Boca Raton offers custom suits by H. Freeman & Son at incredible prices, speak with Jay about having a suit made for you that will be the best fitting suit you have ever owned.

Marcello Sport Fort Lauderdale

Marcello Sport Saint Armands

Marcello Sport Stuart

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dressing well today is as easy as visiting fashionconcepts.com

Back when the nineteenth century came to an end men were slowly shaking-off the Victorian influence which still had them wearing tophats, frock coats, and pocket watches while carrying walking sticks.

This may seem like an elaborate and restrictive way to dress, but it was a big step in the right direction considering the Georgian period that preceded it had men wearing feathers, panty hose, and high heels.

Skinny jeans don’t seem so “dandy” considering what men have worn in the past.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Your Real Size

FashionConcepts.com can help you find your real size. Too often men wear clothes that are too loose fitting or worse too tight.

Unless you are a hip hop artist, too big clothes is not the right look and there is no real man that looks good in too tight clothes. Fashionconcepts.com has clothes that fit your body. This might take some trust to try mixing and matching certain cuts and styles to find the right fit for your body that is flattering.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dress to get your way

Your clothing can help you get your way, especially if it is from FashionConcepts.com
According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, your clothing can give you an edge when negotiating.
Subjects were divided into three groups: They dressed in either a suit, a pair of sweats, or were allowed to wear their own clothing. They were then put in a scenario where they had to negotiate. The people who were dressed better routinely trumped those who were dressed down. Even more interestingly, the men in sweats actually showed lower testosterone levels, which further reduced their aggression.

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Shirts

At fashionconcepts.com we are always bringing new men's fashions to you with bold new designs and the quality you expect. I love the new shirts, so many colors, so much style. We listed a bunch of new items today and will be bringing you more over the next few weeks, so keep coming back.

If you did not know, there are Marcello Sport stores in select Florida locations, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, St. Armands and Stuart.  Next time you are in Florida come visit our stores.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Your clothing can cheer you up.

Your clothing can cheer you up.
At fashionconcepts.com we want to cheer everyone up with men's fashions that will certainly bring up your mood.
Do you wear clothing that reflects your mood or do you wear clothing to change your mood? Researchers from the University of Queensland interviewed people and observed their clothing choices to find out. The answer? More often than not, we dress how we’d like to feel or how we’d like others to think we’re feeling. In other words, we put on a happy sweater along with a happy smile, even if we’re feeling down. And it works, especially if we wear clothing that has gotten us compliments in the past or is something that brings back good memories.